For Personal Trainers

Elite Movement Specialist Certification

“Transform the way you understand, train and assess the human body”
Next Course Date: 29th-30th September

Our brand new Elite Movement Specialist (EMS) course is designed to start you on the journey to making YOU the go to trainer in your gym or area.

We have taken all the best bits of our previous two-day course and added even more fantastic content to make this a unmissable two days of learning and fun. You will leave with an unrivalled and instantly applicable skill set ready to use the very next day.

At Cor-Kinetic we believe that the MOVEMENT is the key to making your clients feel, perform and look better.

Learn New Assessment Strategies

Cor-Kinetic offers you a new lens through which to view the body by introducing you to the functional thought process. This new paradigm will change the way you interpret the body and its assessment and training forever. Our 2 day EMS course will provide you with the skills necessary to assess and train a wide variety of clientele from members of the public to elite sports people.

Discover The Truth of Human Movement

This fun, dynamic and above all function-based program will introduce you to the truth of human movement. We explore the way muscles really work, how we really move in functional activity, what affects our movement and how our body understands and reacts to create successful movement.  Help your clients beat pain and achieve things they thought impossible all through a simple and easy to use dynamic assessment and solution protocol based on their function. Our system can be easily implemented quickly and effectively in any environment. All you need is some space to move!!

Create Fun New Exercises for your Clients

Learn how to turn your favourite exercises into 3 dimensional masterpieces and create a limitless amount of new mobilisers, warm ups and exercises to provide endless challenges and stimulation to your clients and athletes so they never get bored or plateau!


Pre-requisites – Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training
Course delivery – 2 days direct delivery
Accreditation – 13 REPs points
Price – £200
Pre Course Prep – Yes
Course Materials – Yes

 To become an EMS qualified trainer contact or call 07973560684 to book your place or get more info!



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